Why is my ex boyfriend talking to me everyday?

To try and make a long story short, me and my ex boyfriend dated for 4 years and broke up in late of 08. Things were changing for the worst and the break up wasn't on "good" terms.

Since the break up, we never spoke,

In the year 09, on the day of my birthday (October 4th) he texted me the exact time I was born...and we talked here and there until I brought up the fact that I never forgot what happened to us and we stopped talking in December..

We did however see each other online on the PS3 network, so I messaged him asking why he hasn't been playing call of duty (a game we play online)

He did message me saying he was sick badly for a month and now (as of march 2010) he texts me everyday! but here's the catch, he's still with this girlfriend of his..He's very flirty

with me (wants pictures, talks about the good times with us, both sexually and non) and I can't seem to wrap my head around why does he want to talk to me? and when I don't respond he texts even more...

Maybe I'm looking into this too deeply and really wants to be friends but the sexual convo's? what's going on in my life? am I thinking too deeply into this or do you think there is more to this situation?


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  • I think itz funny when a guy thinks he can come back to start talking to an ex again while he's still hooked up with another girl, even after a bad break up. I would say not to think so much into it. He's not ur problem anymore, so don't make him become just that. Keep on doin what you were doin before he made contact with you. =)

    • Oh I am, he's not going to stop me again from doing what I love. As soon as we broke up I became what I always wanted to be, a firefighter, I'm in medical school, I have a lot going on, and I think it's because maybe I have so many stories to tell him and he has nothing to share with me...i don't know, either way, he isn't my problem, would be nice if he was sometimes lol but, I know his cheating ways and lies....

  • Ask him straight out because there is obvioudly something his girlfriend isn't fullfilling. Your relationship was long so there is gonna be a connection there but it's not fair on you not knowing the true situation.

    • I do asking in a "joking" matter (if you ask this guy a serious question he gets offensive) so I'll jokingly say "Why do you talk to me? lol" and he really won't have a response to it. Eventually if he doesn't say anything I will have to ask him point blank...

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