What's the best messaging app to hide messages?

So I trying to get out of an relationship without the guy knowing. We don't get along well anymore and I don't wanna stay and be unhappy any longer. My iPhone is hooked to the icloud. He checks it regularly. Is there an app I can download to text people so I can get out of this situation without him knowing? Like I don't know if it's possible. Is it going to tell I downloaded onto my apps?


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  • Why does he check your icloud msgs.. that's weird lol.

    • Its control. Who im talking to. What I'm talking about.

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    • It's why I'm trying to leave. I wanna do what I want when I want. Not have to worry about consequences

    • Bro the guy is a loser lol.. who cares if he sees it. Don't worry about what he thinks. just dump him immediately. That's not a healthy relationship. Honestly could never imagine doing that to a girlfriend lmfao

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  • End it properly. Write a email or something if you have to. Don't just Leave someone hanging though.


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  • Telegram is a great texting app in terms of privacy. :)


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