Help me? Do I sound crazy for caring?

Help me. I am speechless and just don’t know what to say. My ex boyfriend and I have been broken up for a month now. I broke up with him because he was an insensitive jerk. He would walk these two girls (who hated me) to their car at night after work, just leaving me by myself. Any time I go into that store those two girls just ignore me as if I set their house on fire. They have had it out for me since day one and all I ever did was be nice (cant please everyone). I created an instagram; some of my coworkers talked me into it. While scrolling through I find him (his page was usually private but all of a sudden its not)

I see the chick that hates me comments under his pic and his response is “I want to have sex with you”. In my mind (while we were together) I always knew he liked her or wanted to be with her in some way. I’m just speechless, and mostly conflicted because I’m a little hurt BUT I dumped him and they make an ugly couple any way.

Do I sound crazy for caring? I just need some advice?


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  • People can't control how they feel so you aren't crazy for caring if it affects you emotionally.

    Obviously you're upset because now you know you were right all along. Your reason for dumping him is totally reasonable. Try to move on from him. Don't waste anymore feelings or thoughts on a guy who doesn't value them


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  • Not surprised u care but it's clearly time to move on. Clearly a rebound though.

    • "Clearly a rebound though." didn't think that. Thanks.

  • You're not crazy, you're just still moving on. It's normal to have feelings like that for your ex.


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