PLEASE ADVISE : Should I let go or hold on?

I am holding onto someone who takes me for granted sometimes I feel it is not worth the fight anymore however I can't give up on her because she is the most beautiful part of my life.

I have asked for sincere advice and someone sent me this picture in private message.
PLEASE ADVISE : Should I let go or hold on?When I saw this picture it changed me to a whole new person because it really touched my heart.

I am seeking sincere advice from my fellow G@Gers who had experienced this type of situation.
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What Girls Said 2

  • ... before you let go, talk to her. Tell her how you feel. If she truly cares about you she'll listen and change her behaviour towards you, to show you how much she loves you and appreciates you. If she doesn't... after you've explained to her how you feel , then don't hold onto someobody who's already let you go. Walk away

  • You can't hold onto someone who doesn't want you. That's how you know they aren't the right person for you. The right person will fall into you, love you from the start and it will be easy. If it's not easy and if the person isn't willing it is NOT meant to be. Falling in love with my boyfriend was the easiest thing to do. It was effortless. It just happened naturally. That is how I knew we were meant to be together. I've never had to worry about his intentions, it was clear from the start. THAT is what you deserve.


What Guys Said 1

  • Seriously dude , if this person isn't finding value in who you are despite all you do for them , let go. All that you will accomplish by staying with them is allowing them to make you miserable. It sux to be alone , but it's way worse to be with someone who doesn't love you


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