She cares about her ex more than me?

I'm not too sure how to interpret my girlfriends behavior. To start, here's some context.

My girlfriends last boyfriend before me: She allowed her unemployed stoner boyfriend to move in with her and not pay rent for the first few months..

Fast forward to present day. She is dating me, still living in the same place by herself now. I have a bacterial infection and am on some what strong meds, the side effects of both make me very tired, dizzy, and I shiver sometimes. I was at her house last night, it was cold and raining outside, and she refused to let me stay over. Because of this I had to be in the rain for over 20 minutes. If I had stayed over, there would be no risk of catching what I have because it's not contagious.

So she allows her ex to move in with her and pay no rent, but I can't stay over when I'm bad shape and it's cold and raining outside.

Am I crazy to think that she more cared about her ex's well being back then, compared to caring about my well being present day?

(We have been dating for 10 months)



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  • Maybe she felt burned & used by her ex & is just being more cautious now with you.

    Maybe she just thinks you're being over dramatic & lazy...

    Maybe she's irrationally concerned about catching your illness.

    Who knows?

    My point is, you're over analyzing this if you're going into all this...

    Just relax & concentrate on getting better, it would be nice if your girl was taking care of you while you aren't feeling well.

    I like a lot of guys become a big lazy baby when I'm not feeling well (not like a normal cold), so it's really nice to have a girl that cares & takes care of you when you're ill.

    Give her time & see how it plays out. Also, don't compare yourself to her ex, that leads to unnecessary resentment at worst & nothing good at best... So just don't do it.

    • Yeah I don't think she was concerned about catching the illness considering she was willing to make out with me for a long period of time. It just really sucks, because when I think of my friends, they wouldn't send me out like that. My impression of a girlfriend is the one you can count on more than anyone, it's bumming me out that it's not that way. And the ex living at her place for free is just the cherry on the top.

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    • And about the ex-comparing. It's not like I asked her about her ex, she keeps bringing him up. So you gotta give me some credit there. I'm not trying to get info on him to compare

    • Regardless of who brings it up, it doesn't do any good. It sounds like you are putting in a lot more effort than she is in the relationship... that's not a good sign.

      Weigh your options & make a decision. If you want something better & don't want to be lonely, well you might start looking for other people & consider her plan "B". She isn't really respecting you... so why give her all your attention? :( your situation sucks dude... good luck to you

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  • she loves him still, and is yet to start loving you drop her because she would drop you if he came back


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  • She sounds like a great gf, you get sick and she says get out, your not staying here, have fun in the rain and cold, so caring and so nurturing. Sounds like you got your self a lemon gf, looks good on the outside but a piece of crap on the inside. well my advice would be to trade her in for a new model.

  • just move on I won't date people that still talk to their ex had sex in at least a year and hasn't had a boyfriend either. people need time to get over people don't be a rebound. do better.


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