Should I even text him?

Weve been broken up for over a year now, his choice, and he always comes and goes from my life. He always would text me first and when I didn't hear from him I would reach out, but he would never answer my text and if he did it would be a few days later. So it made me not want to ever reach out first.

so after a month of no contact he emails me to call him, and then calls my phone asking if it was me. We eventually talked and now he's been texting me everyday for over a month. He told me why I never text him first, and he said if you love someone you would ask them how their day was and check up on them.

But I wouldn't know when to text him because he works night and sleeps all day then when it's his days off he's relaxing and I feel I'd be bothering him. I feel like he might ignore me 😔
Should I even text him?
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