18 months together and he left suddenly. It's been 6 months. He's never coming back right?

My ex and I were together over a year and a half. It was pretty serious.

When we first started dating he said he never felt that way about the other girls he dated.

After 18 months, he fell out of love with me in a matter of weeks, he swears. And he doesn't know why. He said he doesn't know what he wants.

It's been 6 months. He's single and lonely. Even still, he never contacts me.

He's never coming back, right?


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  • Did you guys have a big fight? Do you think he stop being attracted to you? Maybe he scared of commitment and you guys was getting to serious. You say he's single and lonely how sure are you of that, maybe someone else is making him happy. I don't understand if everything was all good I quote "he said he never felt that way about the other girls he dated", why he would not try to call you again. I can't say he's never coming back cause there to many unknowns. But six months I would think the same. If he couldn't even give you some type of closure then he probably ain't worth worry about. He sounds selfish just my opinion.

    • No fighting, I don't know about the attraction thing. It's possible we were too serious, but...

      The closure I got was he realized he didn't love me and doesn't know why. And he said he doesn't know what he wants and maybe he needs someone he has less in common with.

      He also said he doesn't know it would never work out between us...

    • "someone he has less in common with" sounds childish, I'm thinking scared of commitment not having less in common or nothing with someone else is just a reason to go back in the field, maybe he wants the benefits but not the commitment, pretty much wasting your time if you want something serious, live your life maybe he comes back maybe not but it might be to late for him by then your opinion of him might change, he might realize he lost the best thing that happened to him cause he's stupid

    • Commitment issue crossed my mind, but we were together 18 months and never seemed like the type.

      Maybe he just never truly loved me?

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  • Sometimes its better to be alone than it is with someone you don't like. And you can never be sure he hasn't found someone new...

    • I would know if he found someone new. We live in the same building and a friend of mine lives with him.

  • Not a good sign, if he doenst contact you he isn't into you or thinking about you may have found someone else.


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  • 6 months. that's a long time. I would think he's not coming back because this is really weird and he hasn't explained anything to you. that's very hurtful of him to do.

    I recommend taking the time to take care of yourself first and then think about him last or not think of him at all. He should try harder if he wants you.

  • Just move on hun he's seriuosly not worth it. If he doesn't love and want to be with you now how what's thje point in waiting around for him.

    I was with my ex boyfriend for 8 years and he broke my heart and I wasted a year holding on to the fact that he would come back...and he never did.

    He was enjoying life and getting together with someone else whilst I was an emotional mess.

    I've since met an amazing man who wants me and nothing else and I've realised I'm actually glad my ex never returned cause he didn't make me as happy as the man I'm with now.

    Don't put your life on hold...find someone else x x

  • When we're young and we meet someone it's easy for us to grow apart, cause we're at the stage in our life when we're changing and growing the most. So you mite have changed from the person he first met.

    The best advice I can give you - cause it is what I am going through myself - Is don't give up hope, but don't wait for him to come to you. I recently told my ex how I felt after almost a year ( we lived together; 18 month relationship :) like yours ) and he did feel the same in some ways, so we're locked in a waiting game now. But I'm still not going to wait for the day - that may never come - for him to come back. Get out and meet new people, it's the best way to help you move on.

    The only sure way to know, and for closure, is to find out how he feels. Which I realise is a lot harder to do than stay.

    I believe that time heals everything.


    • Was your situation like mine? He just fell out of love quickly and didn't know why?

      I tried the whole closure thing, all got was pretty much what I have said in DannyPhantom's post.

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