Saw my ex on a dating site... Feeling bad about myself?

So my ex and I broke up about 5ish months ago because he was about to go back to school to become a flight medic and his schedule was gonna be insane. Two clinicals a week, while working 3 - 5 12 hour shifts, class days and studying. We were arguing a lot about it and he finally said he just didn't have time to be dating and it wasn't even a thought in his mind. I even saw a Facebook message he had sent to one of his guy friends saying that we'd broke up because he had too much on his plate, so obviously it was somewhat true. However, this morning I woke up and saw he had viewed my dating profile. Which I'm wondering if he wanted me to see he was on there because he didn't have to click on it to see it was me. My picture is clearly me and my first name is in my username. Now I feel like he lied and we broke up because of me. I feel like I must've not been good enough. I tried to be a great girlfriend and he told me I was frequently. He had said he wouldn't be wanting to date for a long, long time because he wouldn't have time and it wasn't something that even interested him. Yet 5/6 months later, he's on a dating site. And he was always bluntly honest during our relationship which is why I'm extra confused.
I just stopped seeing a guy who I thought was gonna end up being a boyfriend and who I really liked because we realized we were too different so I'm also feeling vulnerable because of that. So why will he have time for someone new but didn't for me?
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Also, the last time we spoke was a little over a month ago and even then he said "well we both know I'm not gonna be dating"
Saw my ex on a dating site... Feeling bad about myself?
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