Is it hard for you to say goodbye to someone you have feelings for? Why?

I don't know why but I LIKE goodbyes.

I like yumming things up either myself or with the person, I like having closure & I like that it makes everything more organized.

this guy that I really like was supposed to come & say goodbye before he left, & he would not do it..

He later said he was not good with goodbyes, but he was saying that while we were saying good bye - over the pone.

Why does it have to be such a big deal? I mean as soon as you know that you will be leaving, you are essentially saying good bye - so what is the big deal about doing it at the right time?

Also, he had just finished this big dinner for his guy friends, so that is a goodbye & he is not gong to se any of them any tie soon- So why couldn't he say god bye to me-

btw we live next door lol... & He left me a bunch of little gifts, so I know he was thee & was home... ?


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  • Yes, it's really hard.


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