How do I get over this anger and heart break.

I was friends with this guy for 11 years and he always had a thing for me. We would always go out with each other and have lots of fun over the years. In September of this year he broke up with his girlfriend because she had a guy in him house when he came home from work. I had been single for 3yrs after breaking up with my fiancé so he was there for me and I was there for him.

During this time we became closer and starting having a serious relationship in February of this year. Things were going great he texted me every morning, we talked every day it was wonderful because we were best friends. Three weeks ago he started behaving strange and going days without calling or answering his phone. When he did call it was 5 days later to tell me he was busy!

At this point I felt like he was probably back with her , then he told me that he cared so much about me and that I needed to be patient and realize that he just works a lot. This is not an reasonable answer to me when he went 5 days without calling or answering his phone. This past week things were back to going great and we saw each other a lot this week but Saturday we had plans and he called and canceled. He told me he had to work but we will go out later after 9, when he got off. So I called him at 10pm and again at 12am, he didn't answer his phone at all. Today is Tuesday and I still haven't heard form him.

How can someone that was my best friend treat me like this ? I am so angry that I want to call him and curse him out so badly! What do I do now?

Sorry for my lack of grammar :-)


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  • what you need is to cut him loose, and find a guy who will treat you like you deserve to be treated. clearly for whatever reason, he no longer wants you in his life.


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  • Ouch, that's terrible. I am getting over a breakup, too. I've made a pretty good assessment of what should I be doing and others who are also going through this..

    Remember: It’s a natural part of human life, Time heals all wounds, Do something good for yourself, Spend time with family or friends, Let yourself grieve, but not for too long, After the grieving period, don’t think about your ex. I've got more in store for you so I invite you to take

    a look at the rest of my piece:


    Thank you,


  • What can you do? just move on and quit falling for his excuses.


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  • Listen here, he is confused. Now he doesn't have that friend where he can go to and talk about ANYTHING, nOW You BECAME what he ran out off. So, what you need to do? DONT PICK UP HIS CALL, GO AWAY SOMEWHERE. TURN OFF YOUR PHONE. LET HIM MISS YOU!.. DONT CALL HIM... TRUST ME!. IF HE CALLS YOU, CALL BACK 2 DAYS LATER AND SAY AN EXCUSE.

    • Thank you for the good advice. I just thought that we were better friends than that.

    • Trust me !! it happens. I lost my boyfriend and my friend at the same time... cause for me it was more than just my boyfriend. BUT SHIT HAPPENS :(

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