Is it weird that I felt a "relief" when it was finally confirmed that my girlfriend (well ex girlfriend now) was cheating on me?

I had a huge gut feeling and suspicion that my girlfriend was cheating but I had no proof and simply wasn't sure. And this is what was driving me crazy. I didn't know if Im just insecure or paranoid and I was constantly thinking about it and facebook stalking my girlfriend and it was driving me insane. I could already feel that the relationship is going to end. My girlriend was acting more distant and less affectionate, we didn't even argue anymore (not that its a good thing when we argued but when we did she kind of showed that she cared but now she didn't even care anymore) and she started staying online on facebook like at 11 pm-12 am when she usually used to go to bed at 9-10 pm. When I finally found out that she cheats of course I was hurt and upset but at the same time I somehehow felt a relief because thats what was driving me crazy not knowing the truth and constantly obsessing about it whetever she cheats on me or not. I was hurt but at the same time I felt a relief that I know the truth and that I dont have to obsses about it anymore and that I could also end the relationship. Anyone ever felt the same way?


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  • I think it's pretty normal to feel relieved to find out you're not just paranoid or crazy and that u our suspicions were correct.

    Hopefully this experience doesn't carry mistrust and suspicion over into your next relationship though.


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  • No, I just shrugged when she came confessing she had cheated.


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  • Yes I have. It's normal as your getting justification that your not craxy

  • Yep, sure have!


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