It's been a months since my fiancé broke up with me, and I feel like I lost my hobbies, and my interests. How do I find myself again?

It's been a month since my fiancé broke up with me. I feel like I lost my hobbies, and my interests. I feel like my identity was taken away. Yes, the above is a real problem. I don't know even know what to do with myself or what my purpose is anymore. How do I find myself back? I want to be happy again, alive, and full of purpose.


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  • Depression is defined as a loss of interest in things we normally enjoy. Might want to see a therapist


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  • you can get through this. i would suggest not to have any contact with your ex. delete his #.
    its part of life, heart breaks and what not.
    you need more than a month to heal. glad you shared all that with AustinMan. Find out whats the best way for you to destress. maybe take up a drawing class. join some group activities, go out and meet new people. time will heal.

    • thank you for MHO
      feeling better? :)

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    • Re-read your stuff. You sound like you have a pretty good outlook in life in general. U said you have a second good relationship. Guess what, there will be more when you are ready.
      You are doing some of the right things to move on, therapies, running. :)

    • One thing I would like to share with you...
      When you meet the next Mr. Right... You share yourself, your love and yiur exoeriences. You don't give. When you give, you will get a sense of lost when it ends. When you shared, you will learned that, you learned from him and he learned from you. And you bith gain something in that relstinship to bring that new you to the next relatinship...
      Make sense? Lol...

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  • A good therapist will be a huge help.

    • Yeah, I'm seeing a therapist. I don't think it helps... I just started taking some antidepressants, and some meds to sleep about 3 weeks ago. I have been sleeping because of the meds. I just feel like this is my second bad break up, and I feel like I know what happens next. I feel sad for 1 - 2 years of my life, get over it, and then date someone else. And who knows, maybe I date a whole bunch of duds, and I'm still unhappy with the rest of my life. I don't know. I feel like after this happening a second time, I'm not sure why I even try anymore... I could work out more, but I'm fine with the way I look. I want to be passionate about something, and I'm just lost... Plus the worst is when your still friends with your ex, and they move on and start dating someone else, when that person should've been you... and then when you look at that person, it still feels like the same person you still love and know, but it's not real anymore. It just sucks.

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    • "Cause his feelings changed":/

    • Focus on all the pain he's caused and is causing you.

  • It's not the hobbies and interests that are lost.. You are simply feeling sad which is failing you to do them. To be honest a month is not even long. You'll get over soon


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