Stupid choice.. what do I do?

Ok. So a year ago i got in contact with a guy who i was interested in and was interested in me previously.. that previous time it didn't happen.
A year ago everything was going fine. He wanted to take it slow and stupid me wanted to rush. We had a connection but i stuffed it up.. i got impatient and pretty much said extremely nasty things. He didn't want to talk to me after that.
14 months has gone by and i am working near his house. Well 15 mins away. I need to actually go to the train station he needs to get off at to go home.
He was angry before and i want to try and make amends.
The problem is im worried he will react na2d or has a girlfriend.
Should i forget about it? I have tried calling but the number is off. Maybe he has changed it.
Should i email him and what should i say?
Or Facebook to get his attention? But the problem is. If he has a girlfriend and she sees it. .
Is it worth it?
I have never felt about a guy like i do him. km
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I know what to do. I want to contact him but want advice on the best way to try and make amends. Nothing wrong with other opinions.
Stupid choice.. what do I do?
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