Is it possible to be friends with exes later in life?

I had an ex contact me this weekend apologising and saying things weren't my fault, that he isn't trying to get back with me but he just feels terrible. We broke up nearly two years ago. I feel like I can easily talk to him without having that emotional connection behind it and it made me wonder.

i dated my best friend of 3 years for 9 months and I can genuinely say I was deeply in love with him. I don't know what happened but he ditched me horribly and was with somebody else a week after saying he misses me. I'm deeply hurt not only because of the situation but because I lost my best friend too, the closest person I have ever had in my life outside of family. He refused to be friends with me and has blocked me from everything after a massive fall out and told me he hates me. I wasn't bad to him at all until he said things to me. We always promised to be friends if it didn't work out and now we can't be. I'm just curious if later in life we can once again be friends. Yeah it ended badly but we had an incredible friendship and relationship and if a guy I wasn't really friends with beforehand can come back I'm hopeful maybe my best friend will too one day?
Is it possible to be friends with exes later in life?
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