My ex wants to meet for a coffee and catch up, but why?

Ok my ex hurt me really badly. No he didn't cheat (as far as I know). He doesn't tend to tell the truth very often or at least he twists it to suit himself. I broke it off because he kept putting his female besty before me and defending her even when he knew she was in the wrong. Also I felt he wasn't being completely honest with me...

They've done hard drugs together for the past 10 years. She was getting married and I told him way before I was concerned about not getting an invite. He said I definitely will... I didn't but he just booked it off without telling me I wasn't invited or that he was going without me! Then made up a load of lies as to why I wasn't invited after I found out by catching a drafted text of the wedding date whilst he was on his phone. Even then he changed the subject. I asked to go to the evening do together as we were both invited to that but he refused.

They don't have a normal friendship by any means. She asked him to be her date to an event, sent him kising faces, named a star after him and said they could find it together, always says love you, called him babe at one point which she doesn't usually use. He went to her hen do, just the 2 of them, he was her maid of honour. Anyways... I said I don't want his friend in my life but he can keep her in his then I realised it wouldn't work when it comes down to big life events as I wouldn't want her there and he would. He wouldn't change his mind and didn't care that I was upset! Also he desperately wants kids and I'm unsure.

I broke it off... its 4 months later... We've bumped into each other twice and he asked to meet for coffee after the second time. I agreed... The 2nd time was less nerve wracking but I was still nervous, it felt like talking to an old friend. He's been really depressed by the looks of it and lost a lot of weight. He's been trying to meet other girls too by flirting and sexting them but he doesn't sound happy. Why does he wanna meet up do you think?


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  • Don't fall for this. I think he wants you back. What is one thing that life is strange thought us? Going back in time creates a huge tornado that will wipe out an entire town! That probably won't happen, but going back in time has bad results. Just keep your distance from him, otherwise hell hurt you again.

    • Hahaha this is true :P Ok well I'm only meeting for coffee, I do still have feelings I know I do. However he doesn't know I know what he's been up too whilst he's been single... He's lied about the reason we broke up and told different people different things! He told one person it's cause I don't go out drinking enough 😂
      I do still care but I'm not so stupid this time, I've rebuilt my confidence and unleashed does something to prove he's changed and not just say it I wouldn't even consider getting back together at all.

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    • Thank you for your advice! I'm so reluctant to go back tbh! Don't think he'll change. I just want closure, I finished it over the phone cause he was being do aggressive and we'd only just come back from a holiday abroad weeks previous. We didn't see each other after returning to the UK again until after I broke it off. I we need more closure so i can move on properly.

    • If you want more closure, you'll also give him the chance to persuade you with lies. It's your choice of course, but I wouldn't risk it. Maybe you should see that phone call as closure?

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  • Maybe he's the type of guy that always wants to be friends with exes

    • I doubt it haha. When we first started dating he wanted to bring me to an event his ex was organising so he could show me off and make her jealous... He actually told me that. 😞

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