Is the Marriage over?

I have been Married for some years now. For some reason everything will be great for a while and i show happiness in my marriage towards my husband but he is always unhappy. Regardless of what i do or say. Even when i make his favorite foods or wash his clothes and give massages he is stil unhappy. This had been going on for 10 years.
His mum stayed with us for 3 months and he became more moody. When she came i had to cook every meal for her and take her out. He still complained.
He never changes.. never makes me feel beautiful.
Im over it.
Can he change? Can we be happy?
How do i leave if i should? How can i make him understand? We have two children together. He is even rude to the oldest child.


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  • yup, it look like its over. there is no point to marriage. Promiscuity is the way forward.


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  • Yes the mother Inlaw did not help. You need to speak to him about the way you feel to save your marriage. Suggest going away just the both of you alone on holiday to find each other again might do you both good. It's hard when you have children coz all your time is spent on them and it's hard to find time for yourselfs. Hope you figure it helps


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  • why did you married him if he was already unhappy? and i think the mom in law being around messed up things even more...

  • Have you tried talking to him.


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