Why couldn't my crush just love me?

I loved her so much, I still have feelings to some extent...

(I think she liked me to some extent... )

I asked her out, she rejected me... I later saw her with her boyfriend...

I was so hurt and rejected...

Why couldn't she just love me and be with me? Why couldn't everything just be perfect?

Now she is single, but I don't feel the same way... She is wondering and sad why I ignore her... but I really can't go through the pain of being her friend anymore... I am hurt and confused... and she doesn't even care about me... I am nothing to her, yet she is my world...


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  • If she was in a relationship, you couldn't expect her to date you! That doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you. You couldn't help she was already in a relationship. And you shouldn't take that personally. It sounds like you're making yourself to be the victim. That's not cool.

    You say you don't feel the same way, but then say "she is my world"? So do you or do you not still like her? Do you or do you not want to date her?

    And don't say she doesn't care about you. SHE WAS IN A RELATIONSHIP. That doesn't mean she doesn't care about you.

    • I feel really rejected... Why would she ever want a guy like me, she is so pretty, smart, funny, caring, understanding... Her boyfriend was taller and bigger than me as well :(

      I am really confused about my feelings, I spent a year getting over her... I don't know if I want to date her... I would have dreamed about being with her and doing anything for her a year ago... Now, I can't explain... but I still have feelings but I don't want to be with her as we are not compatible I guess? If it was ment to be it would happen?

      Why would she care about me? Who am I to her? Just another loser?

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    • Also, how do I not take it personally?

      I feel like I'm not good enough for her or any girl... Any good I thought of myself is not good at all..

      If I was a better guy I would have her... If I looked better, was more charming, richer, had more wit.. was less shy... I would have her in my arms...

    • You can stop taking it personally by REALIZING SHE WAS IN A RELATIONSHIP. How many times do I need to say it? You could have been the most handsome guy, and she still would have said no because SHE WAS ALREADY DATING SOMEONE.

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  • she does care about you. just not the way you want her to.

    not everyone is going to love you and so that's the situation you are in. if you can't be her friend because she doesn't love you then you aren't truly her friend.

    • How do I know if she cares about me? Why would she care about me at all?

      I'm just another loser chasing her probably.

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    • She is not even my friend anymore... I haven't been talking to her, I just have been ignoring her and she stopped trying now... So she probably hates me now...

      If she wants to be my friend and ask me what has been up then I will tell her the truth... but she won't ask...

    • well if you are ignoring her how can she be your friend?

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  • You're too old to be acting like the victim here. She doesn't have feelings for you. That's not her fault. It's sad, but accept it and move on. Don't be her friend if that's what it takes. It's okay to need space.

    Understand that asking her to love you is a LOT to ask. She can't make herself love anything. You can get over her; it just takes time.

    • I don't understand this victim thing... am I acting?

      I really thought she had feelings... It felt awesome at the time and I don't think I will feel the same way ever again... I know I have to accept she doesn't like me ( I don't know why)
      and just find another girl...

      I wish things could have just worked out at that time... but life just sucks I guess... I guess nobody will ever truly love me...

    • Yeah, this. This melodramatic "nobody will love me" thing. Just grow up. In life, you don't always get what you want.

    • I guess

  • Oh grow up, will you?

    • I've never felt this way about a girl before in my life...

    • So what? That's life. Love hurts sometimes. Move on.

  • You need help...

  • When she came back you should of swallowed your pride and took her. But maybe she felt rejected once you didn't want to be her friend.

    • I had feelings for a girl, she had a serious boyfriend...

      I was hurt and didn't want to see her anymore...

      My best case scenario would be she did like me and was keeping me as a back up?

      I thought it was best to let her go, it was too hard to be friends with her...

What Guys Said 6

  • Stop being a sissy "I got hurt.. waah"
    She didn't want you then, show her the finger and walk the fuck off.
    Why would you ask her out anyways once you knew she had a bf?
    It's a shame if people have to teach you how not to be a moron.

    • She didn't tell me she had a boyfriend... even when I asked her out she didn't tell me...

      I really thought she was into me... I asked her out and she said no...

      So I stopped talking to her, and then we went to a work party and I saw her with her boyfriend... Hurt like hell...

  • You didn't love her you were just really attracted to her. There is a difference. She's her own person and can like or not like someone for whatever reasons she wants.

  • You are acting like you are twelve.

    Sometimes shit just doesn't work out, and you move on.

  • If you tie her up and leave her in your basement she'll always love you

  • Lmao

  • This decision you must make alone.


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