Ex girlfriend blocked me on everything what should I do?

Hello all,

Just need so advise
I will try to keep it short
We meet over two years ago and hit it of straight away had amazing times, went out/stayed in done all the thing couples do, we went away to a wedding in Greece out of this world, there was no problems what so ever... I done everything for this girl paid her loans of bought her things that she wanted, even help her out with jobs etc. treated her like the way she wanted to be treated after her up bringing (she is 29 and I am 34).
but she never said thank you and appreciated the things i did for her this started to bug me but i still cared for her and helped her, In June this year 2016 it come to a point were i went onto a dating site and talked to people, (but did not go on to meet anyone) everyone vents in there own way, She found out and ended it i was up front with her and said yes i was no liars or anything, we did not talk for 2 weeks, I texted her but no replay, just this week we met up and lunch and she said she went on 2 dates, i could not take this and left, we spoke on the phone and she said a few more things , and met again 2 days later, it all come out and i found out, she met a lad after a week of splitting up and she went out on her birthday with him and ended up dating again, and lied to my face more then 4 times about things and him, then she wanted to work it out with me (we have to build trust up again and so) next day she rang and said she can't do it, then day after she wantes to, next day she is defending this lad on the phone to me saying its not nice to say things about him?, then she wants to work it out, Then last night she sent me a message saying this is the end of us, and blocked my texts and call and even whats app (she has had me blocked on facebook from June, 3 mins later she got this lad back on facebook after she said she does not want to be with him, she said she does not like him last week and she only went on dates to get back at me? no phone call just one text

Ex girlfriend blocked me on everything what should I do?
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