How do I move on from a person who doesn't want me and used me for things and wasted my time throughout knowing them?


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  • I'm sure that you've a lot of reasons to push that person away from your life, but you need have the courage to stop giving your love and your feelings to someone you already know that he won't give you what you want (love, compassion or hope for better tomorrow).

    I know you've strong feelings for him, but those feelings will affect in your social life and might make you change some priorities in your life.
    just give your feelings some space to give yourself more choices.

    Good luck...

    • Thank you means a lot with the advice given. I need to take advice which is the bit I struggle with then give.

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    • Your right a lot of things in life we take for grabted is more to think about then what someone has done towards you. I went for his looks and I cherished him over it. I felt happy that his mine. But his very secretive man who at the end came to see me in person to go and delete messages and pics he gave me. Which im not questioning in different angles. Also I feel like I wasn't the only girl as he spoke about girls through my time spebt with him as liking. I can't get my head around it all thats all.

    • life will continue whether that guy exists in your life or not... the good news is you can choose how to live your life, not him... cuz your destiny is never tied to anyone who leaves you.. and that's proof no one perfect and you should start determining your priorities and know what do want.

      look at the bright side... you finally realize people aren’t always what they seem to be. the positive thing that has happened is you’re no longer that naive and gullible person who believed everything others wanted them to believe. you finally begin to look beyond facades. you'll never be blind in love again.

      discover more things about yourself and start living your life with happiness... that would show you're worth more than gold and you become a different person.
      forgive and forget... this is the best revenge and the best way to start over again.

  • Well, time is your best friend here.

    You've got to try to occupy yourself with things that you find fulfilling and enjoyable. Many people say volunteering helps them tremendously.

    Although it seems far fetched now, in time you'll find that your value as a person isn't diminished. Then you work to make your life happy, fulfilling, and attractive to a man who will love you the way you love him.

    All the best.

    • Thanks whos my best friend? I feel like os there something wrong with me. Was not good enough caring or loving someone. So many thoughts affecting me to move on and be happy. I cabt believe this is it. I am alone for good and I can't have any contact as we blocked each other to move on. I feel like knowing if he has someone or had when I was with him all along. So many thoughts making me feel like crapm

  • If this person is toxic to you then simply walk away. You will soon be glad you did.

    • He didn't care about my feelings and didn't complminet or spending time or treat me with love and care he wanted me to give him attention. I'll explain more to you

    • You are right but I had strong feelings and he led me on to believe that he wants me but he just wanting things from me even more

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