How to get over your crush 💔?

I've been thinking about this girl i had a crush on back in highschool and she has never seemed to slip my mind. For 2 years now she's crossed my mind so I recently decided to build up the courage that I lacked in HS and went ahead and sent her a message letting her know i was interested.

Maybe it threw her off or grossed her out but in the end she never replied back. She didn't even tell me to fv@# off or block me.

I knew it was gonna hurt but not knowing where she stands on that spectrum of us is worse.

Please help, How do I get over my crush?


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  • The message you sent her say it was read? Or that she at least seen it

    • yes, she pretty much read it as soon as i sent it. i dont have her added on my friends list neither.

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    • Lol sorry, I wasn't on this site recently so I didn't see your message yet. Also just saying, if my crush were to text me he was interested, I probably wouldn't respond since I wouldn't know what to say and I'd be to scared incase I messed things up... A positive side of this is that as soon as she saw that she got a message from you, she checked it right away

    • now thats something to think about but she hasn't replied since then and i think she lives in a different state right now...

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  • ohh.. leave her. she's not interested.. I suggest to block her, cut the communicatio and start from there.. you're gonna go insane thinking about her if you keep having contact


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  • Lol, she's just a girl.

    • you just don't understand

    • She's just a girl, there are 4 billion of them.
      You're gonna give the bs, there is no one like her and shit. There are easily 1000 girls like her in your freaking city. If you're too fond of wasting your time and energy over someone who is not gonna reciprocate, go for it. The fucks I give is zero.

    • you really dont understand

  • Lmfaoooooo


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