Ex Maintains Good Relations with my Friends? Why?

We had a nasty breakup but she still maintains regular contact with my "friends". She lives overseas, has never met these people in person, and merely had small talk/saw them once on Skype together (with me). Now, after claiming how abusive, evil, mentally ill, and her family telling me how I should go kill myself and I'm nothing but a piece of trash, she continues to maintain regular contact with my friends 4 months later. 4 months later!

I talked to them about this and how it bothers me. They (ex and my friends) weren't ever "friends" before. We had plans of all meeting up once she could figure out her Visa, and we always looked forward to it but she was restricted from coming here (I would fly to her regardless if I couldn't afford it).

But I also found out that these friends aren't actually friends at all. Regardless that I've been "close", as if we were brothers, for over 10 years, they actually think quite low of me. Now I have either ended some of these friendships or guilt-antiquated with them back (which I honestly don't want to do).

Can't she get her own friends instead of leaching off the acquaintances she met with me? She claims it isn't a good idea to talk to me, that I should move on, that she is "sorry she broke my heart" after 3 years of being together, 2 of those years engaged (but couldn't beat legal matters), but she pursues friendships with people in my country rather than her own (frankly, she talks to my friends more than her own). Specifically people that were close to me.

I'm moving on, but seeing these things pop up on Facebook just seem odd. It bothers me and not too sure what to do to get past this. It's not like I can pick friends for her, but isn't it odd what she is doing? It makes me think we could rekindle what we once had, but I don't want to painfully dwell on this thought.


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  • Because she likes them more than she ever liked you.

    • Looks like she continues to stalk me, too.

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  • People tend to fight over property and posessions
    During a breakup. And some people go as far as seeing how many of the 'friends' they can get on their side, and turn against the other person.
    It's like a game of chess to them. Steer well clear of someone who gets this bitter when angry.


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