Girl was NOT worth the wait what can I do?

I waited a few years for this girl to like me. Now I've been in a relationship with her for 1 year. But she was not worth the wait. She dated douchbags while I was secretly waiting. I dated a few girls too.
Honestly i should have stayed with the last girl I dated. She is better then this current girl. But in dumped her because she slept with someone I knew of but not very well.
Now I'm just using my current girl as a place holder. So I stay to see if my feelings change or should I just break it off while I'm still young?
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100% leave. I thought I would get at least 1 vote to stay.
Geez, the girls are kicking my ass on this one


Most Helpful Girl

  • Never use people as place holders. Are you that terrified of being alone?

    Don't mess around with people's feelings this way. You're probably not some place holder for her. Only get into relationships with people you actually like.
    Leave her so you can both find better partners.

    • I guess this answers a lot of questions for me

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    • Then that is an issue you need to take care of on your own. Being alone isn't bad. Being in a relationship just for the fuck of it, is.

    • Oh come on

Most Helpful Guy

  • you're kidding!

    Drop them both and find someone better than that!


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What Girls Said 5

  • Why waste more time on her? You spent years waiting for her and now you've been with her for a year, why wait around for something to change when you can just leave and find someone else?
    And no. You shouldn't have stayed with your ex. She cheated and that's never ok, and always something you should break up over. Or else they'll just cheat again.

    • Oh shit I messed up. My ex girlfriend slept with the guy before we met. She never cheated on me. She just wasn't good enough for me at the time.

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    • I know. I don't think I can get her back. Should i try to get her back?

    • Nope, you made your bed. Leave her alone.

  • Nah, leave her and look for someone else. Don't use her. So why exactly was she not worth the wait? Does she not match your high expectations? Or does she just treat you like crap. Seriously though, would you like it if it was the other way around and she just used you until something better came along?

    • Long story but its a mix of being picked last, getting something when you don't want it anymore, and her not meeting my expectations. She treats me great.

    • Okey dokey, so you can either continue leading her on by sticking with her and living a lie or you can just be honest with her and tell her how you really feel, end it with her. Then find someone who also treats you well and meets your expectations. Its a bit harsh but if you don't see a future with her what's the point in keeping up the facade.

    • I see

  • Break up with her. She deserves better than you.

    • What is better than me?

  • Leave this girl so she can find someone who appreciates her.

    • She could just leave me, perhaps

  • If you don't feel happy in a relationship you should just walk away


What Guys Said 1

  • What a douche.

    • How am I a douche. Down vote!

    • That would be your entire statement. Oh no, don't down vote!!! Who cares.

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