Girl was NOT worth the wait what can I do?

I waited a few years for this girl to like me. Now I've been in a relationship with her for 1 year. But she was not worth the wait. She dated douchbags while I was secretly waiting. I dated a few girls too.
Honestly i should have stayed with the last girl I dated. She is better then this current girl. But in dumped her because she slept with someone I knew of but not very well.
Now I'm just using my current girl as a place holder. So I stay to see if my feelings change or should I just break it off while I'm still young?
Stay until your feelings change
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Leave her while you are still young
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+1 y
100% leave. I thought I would get at least 1 vote to stay.
+1 y
Geez, the girls are kicking my ass on this one
Girl was NOT worth the wait what can I do?
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