Girls, Why do women immediately block you on social media when you break up with them? What should I expect next if a man broke up with you?

Let me start by saying that I love my ex girlfriend and did not want to end the relationship, but I had to end it because of her bad behavior.

I live in the US, she lives in Colombia, so we don't get to see each other too often. I planned a 10 day visit with her and her family, and a long story short, I went to Colombia to visit her and in 10 days, I was with her maybe 12 hours and none of that time was alone, she always brought family with her. She promised me every day to see each other, but every day she had an excuse why she couldn't meet me. For example, although she told me she was staying at the hotel with me in the morning, we went to the beach and she said that she forgot her ID at her father's home which she needed to register. On the taxi ride to the hotel, she dropped me off at the hotel and told me to shower, and she would go to her father's home to get her ID. I showered and she called me to tell me that she has to go to church the next day with her family that are visiting from another city. I told her fine, I will go to church with her and her family. She then said that she will spend time with her family and see me at 12 the next day for lunch. The next day she told me that her father called her and said that they have a family reunion she needs to attend all day, but would see me Monday (this is after not seeing each other for 5 days because she was working and declining my offer to meet her for lunch and after work). The next day she said that she was completing errands and would call me later, but never did. I finally told her if we don't spend time together my last day, it was over. I went through immigration and told her it was over, she responded that she was sorry, that has problems and needs time. I told her that I don't accept her apology, if she wanted to be with me she would have made time. She then blocked me on all social media and we haven't talked since.


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  • You had extremely good reason to end it with her. I know that I delete my ex's off everything as a way to move on with my life.

    • That's what I was thinking, but blocking someone from contacting you seems a bit extreme to do that within a couple of hours since she recognizes that it was her behavior that caused it to end. I guess that I was secretly hoping that after a while apart, she would want me back. But I have to stick to my guns here, I don't regret my decision out of self respect. Do you delete your ex within hours, or does it take some time before you make that decision?

    • Usually I delete their phone number immediately and then I delete them off social media after a few days, sometimes weeks. It depends on how much they hurt me too. I deleted one ex of everything right after he screwed me over. The last guy I was seeing, I deleted him off social media after a month. I never blocked him though.

  • That´s for not remember you all the time. That´s why we bloked our ex. That´s a human feeling, don´t worry for it.


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