How to get ready for a breakup?

we are meeting today to talk, long story but he's going to break up with me, he likes someone new and it hurts so much and i feel extremely jealous , we've been together two years and im still in love, i have cried for him many many times i just dont want to cry anymore, he's become a mean person and he will say hurtful things but ill just see through it every time because i love him please help what should i do? how do i get over this?


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  • sorry for what you've been through, but sometimes there are things that don't need to argue or talk about it... like why did you broke up with me? there's no specific answer.
    that meeting won't change anything... cuz you'll face someone who has nothing to lose.
    you cried so much for someone doesn't deserve your tears and it's time to stop and look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself... is that what you want?

    just don't cry if the sun set, cuz your tears will block your eyes from seeing the beautiful stars.

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  • I would recommend you to determine what has been done to work on the relationship. Consider what you have done to try and address whatever problems you have had.

    Be honest about who, if anyone, is committed to making the relationship successful. If the answer isn't both partners, then the relationship is likely not going to be saved.

    Have you talked about it with each other? How many times have you both tried to change things? Have you tried counseling?

    If you have determined that your relationship is past the point of saving, then begin to accept that it will end.

    Instead of waiting for it to end, spend time focusing on the good things in the moment and the good things about your relationship.

    Use this time to discover what good memories you have, what you can learn, or what you can take away from this experience.

    Wishing you the best of luck.


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