Cheated and told his girlfriend. How do I get him back?

Sorry this sounds horrible and yes i know it was wrong.
I cheated with a guy a while ago. He had a Girlfriend at the time. We started seeing each other for a while. I became angry because i couldn't handle him being with her. I told her everything we did and all the horrible things he said about her. Actually i messaged her on Facebook and told her. Also sending her screenshots of things he said to me in messages.
He was angry at me obviously. #1 they were living together. #2 he was saving money to move out (apparently )
She didn't actually see the messages until a few months later. I told her i said all the stuff because he rejected me and said i was lying. I told her the screenshots were fake and i made them up because i work in IT and can edit messages to look sincere. She believed me. Anyhow. They aren't together anymore. He was obviously angry at me.
13 months have gone by. How can i approach him and try and make amends. I dated him before she even started dating him. How do i get him back?


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  • Keep throwing your pussy at him. That is what he was really using you for anyway. Hopefully he does. Two shady ass people deserve each other.


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  • I'd say you have no chance, you crossed the line and ruined his life why would he want to be with you, you have to accept you were only supposed to be a dirty secret/side pussy but you didn't know your place - but that's what happens when you cheat, the woman always takes the blame regardless and he will have totally blamed it on you to his ex.

    Why would you want to be with someone who cheats and learn to value yourself and would you ever really trust him.

    He may come back for a fling but I doubt blurry much you will ever be his proper girlfriend


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  • lol bitch


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