Is it time to let go, or is there still hope?

My boyfriend and I just broke up two weeks ago because he moved but we didn't break up til about a week after. I felt like he had just given up so I wasn't too happy for a while but I did want us to be together, he just felt it was getting too hard.

Now, I've tried to move on since my only other option was moping but it isn't like I'm searching for love or a bf, just exploring again. He, I can see is like jealous or something and every time a guy posts on my Facebook, he posts something on a girls Facebook. It's kind of disrespectful so I just tried to ignore it.

I considered that maybe I only wanted him to want me back just because of pride, but after giving it a good thought, I realize that I still love him and we did have something special.

He just started talking to me again casually but in a way that I know he was thinking about me, like bringing up songs we like and stuff.

It would be hard to have a relationship, but to know there's some kind of future or understanding is what I'm looking for. Is it worth it to keep this up? How can I get him to step up and tell me how he really feels? He asked about our breakup the other night but it was too hard for me to talk about then... Please respond, I feel like despite my greatest efforts, this is what my heart wants.


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  • copy and paste this princess

    "so, I heard you wanted to get back together"

    if he asks "how did you know"

    you say "everything about you is just screaming it at my ear"

    but remember, the worst thing that can happen is nothing can happen, so you just move on..

    • You really think I should make the first move? I was hoping he would but I'll try it anyway. I hope I don't get shut down, lol. thanks.

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    • Yeah well it turns out he's an douche bag and I am glad I know now. I feel better and more able to move forward. thank you.

    • Glad to help princess

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