Should I meet up with my ex to have some yogurt?

I invited my ex boyfriend to have yogurt with me last weekend, because I was missing him. He denied my invitation and said it wasn't best to see me at the moment but he would like to see me the following week for yogurt and has marked it on his calendar for "our date" we recently broke up about 2 weeks ago after an 9.5 ur relationship. I really want him back but unsure if it's a great idea to see him after 2 weeks of breaking up? If I want him back?


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  • Break ups are never easy and every couple has their own way of handling things.

    However, on that note, who broke up with who? This is a very important question when it comes to meeting up with an ex. If he broke up with you, I say leave him alone for about 4-6 weeks. This is because guys usually know and have thought over the break up long before it happened and because you two were in a 9 year relationship, he is probably missing you too. But work with the break up instead of against it (it usually works better for you that way). Give him time and space, once he has that chance to really miss you, he will contact you. Not only that you have no chance in between that time to make any wrong impressions and from disapprearing, you will keep him in wonder as to what you are up to and you will stay on his mind. If you keep calling he will know he is always on your mind and not wonder about you as much. Sounds very opposite of what is expected but it works to keep both of you from discussing the break while its still fresh. Time usually helps use see all the good in the relationship and forget the bad (let him remember you when you two were at your best). You dated for 9 years that just doesn't go away. Let him chase you while you take this time to reflect on your relationship and do some soul seaching. reaching out to him at this time might just confirm that his discussion for the break up is for the best. We all value what we work for, so put him to work.

    If you are the one that dropped him then that may be more of a challenge. Again, time and space plays a big part in this but he might be hurt so you two going out for yogurt isn't a bad idea as long as he is agreeing with it on his own terms without your influence. No one wants to feel forced to met up with someone...

    If you want him back it will take time. Sometimes as time passes you won't see him as the same person. Because you are so used to him being with you, you don't know how he is going to treat you as a "friend" or an "ex". Getting back together with an ex is a gamble that we all must expect to lose... Sorry but its true. Good luck to you.


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  • This is what kills me. If you miss him so much, then why did you break up?

  • haha the yogurt thing is cute.


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