Should I stay with him? *WARNING, IT'S VERY LONG*?

SO my child hood friend had added me on Facebook, lets call him Kevin. And so Kevin added me and I've known him since my elementary days like fourth grade to about 6th or 7th grade. After 7th grade year, I moved to a different state and I haven't had contact with him in forever. So he recently messaged me on Monday and so we were talking and I just wanted to catch up. So while we were talking he suddenly had told me " How can I forget us? We are amazing smh" and so I just ignore it and try to talk about how everyone was doing down there. So later he messages me saying "How could I ever forget you. We were hella close and you never escaped my mind. I'm all grown up now but you're looking bomb tbh." and so I'm just shocked because I never saw him that way. So I just said "Lmfao thanks haha!" and he kept on going and said "Zaym look at this girl" because he was checking out my face book photos.

For me, I'm not trying to flirt, I was genuinely trying to catch up with an old friend but he kept paying me compliments and I had messaged my cousin to see what she thought of our conversation and she said that he was definitely flirting with me. So I eventually told this guy I had a boyfriend (I told him me and my boyfriend were hanging out that day when he asked what I was doing) and he stopped texting me as much. Later on, on Tuesday I told my boyfriend, although I wanted to tell him Monday but he was busy and we were in an argument, so that night I told him and I basically sent all of the pictures and I trust him so i tell him everything. And so he got pissed off. So pissed off he broke up with me and so he's a very jealous and I guess sort of insecure guy. He's starting to be less jealous but it's still hard for him. He thinks I'm flirting with that guy and I wasn't even trying to. I love my boyfriend a lot and we've been dating for 8 months now.

He told me how if he saw that the conversation was long he was going to be pissed. It was from 10:44 am - 12:40 pm. I told him this because I just didn't want to hide it from him. So later on he started saying how he was stupid to believe me in saying I wouldn't disrespect our relationship. He broke up with me via text. But then he said that he needed space from me and to see what he's going to do. I kept trying to text him and tell him loving things and this is one of the worst arguments
So later on me and my cousin went to the water park and basically he messaged me saying how I can go show my ass to everyone while wearing a 2 piece. When I went with him i wasn't comfortable showing everything so i wore a swimsuit. Even when i went to the water park with my cousin I still wore a short because I wouldn't just go and do that event though my ex broke up with me because I still cared. He basically called me a whore in my eyes and he disrespected me and my cousin and hurt her too.


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  • is it wrong that i read your title and my first thought was that you were referring to his cock when you said "warning: it's very long"? :P

    (come on, people, no way i'm the only perv on this site!)

    but seriously, your boyfriend is an idiot and overreacted. that, and he obviously doesn't trust you... maybe kevin just opened your eyes to what was there all along.

    • Hahaha no you're okay 😁

  • Why would you stay with a guy who called you a whore and clearly doesn't trust you and jumps to dumping you
    if you get back together your always going to have the fearea of his temper doing that again

  • Take him back. Beg and plead for his forgiveness. He will take you back. No worries :)


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