Why are my ex boyfriends friends contacting me?

I dated a long term friend of mine for a few months. He ended up treating me really badly, cheating, playing mind games, using me etc.

After he mysteriously "lost his phone" all weekend for the 5th time, we had a nasty fight and he ignored me for a week straight, but continued to like my statuses and pictures on social media.

This really infuriated me and as days passed without contact I realized I truly didn't want him anymore. I blocked him on everything, so I have no idea if he's made attempts to contact me since then.

About 2 weeks of zero contact, I begin receiving all these notifications of his friends, male and female liking my posts, adding me on snapchat, etc.

Then one of his friends texted me asking about cheap hotels in my area? Like why would you ask me of all people, google it! And then another one of his friends (who I never got along with) texted me a week later casually asking what I was up to that night.

I blocked both their numbers. I obviously don't want anything to do with him and to be honest, out of the two of us I feel like I was the one who was dumped. He made me feel like yesterday's garbage and since I've been rid of him it's like the whole universe has opened up to me.

so why are they contacting me when it makes zero sense to do so?


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  • Either on his behalf so they can find things out for him, or they're trying to hook up with you.

  • Because they can


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