My ex made up a game about me with his friends?

I was at my ex's and two of my friends house warming over the weekend and something really weird happend. A few months back he told me that he has never spoken about me go any of his new work friends and in doing so he was trying to make me look stupid.

However lastnight at the party all of his work friends were there and I heard on many occasions "where is your ex" "which ones your ex" and so on the first few times I left it and pretended that I didn't hear anything however one of the times it was said loudly and in front of me and I decided to make eye contact with him when she said it so he knew I heard. He later went on to tell me that he has a game going with all of his friends "Guess which one is my ex." This is weird and stupid like honestly why? Who cares!!!

Why would he do this? It's so silly and I do not understand it. I would love some opinions.

(Please don't tell me I shouldn't be around my ex, we are friends and have been since the break-up. It has been a year since we ended the relationship)


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  • Because he can.

    • Well, I think we've reached the end of this conversation.

    • I've no idea why you continued it to tell me that. Humans...

    • Are you done? Bye

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