How do I break up with my clubbing girlfriend?

Well my girlfriend has went out clubbing and usually ID just take it. Past two weeks her best friend has been single, I even read a text about her tweaking on a guy all night while my girlfriend was there with her. Tonight their going out again together and I can't fucking do it anymore with it. I can't keep up with this shit anymore. I hate when she's goes out, I end up feeling like shit. She'll tell me nothing's going to happen but recently she's been out of us. She gets ready looking better then every time she's around me, and she doesn't look forward to our time hanging out anymore. Usually I pretend to be cool with it or I'll try to get her to stay home.

We've been together 3 years +.

I kinda let myself go in this and I just need a surefire way out. I party too but stopped cause she didn't like it. Now that she turned 21 it's the other way around but she won't stop.


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