Why'd he have to go and get in my head?

A guy and I were seeing each other about 2 years ago... things got complicated he started seeing someone else, we stayed friends. We stayed very good friends. Resorting to text vs visits but very appropriate with each other considering our past. As time went on I got over him and in a relationship with a wonderful man. I am so happy now. THEN my friend after about 18months of us no longer seeing each other tells me he's been thinking about where we'd be if we had gotten together. My first reaction was to tell him to quit thinking like that and reminded him how he chose his girlfriend over me once and to remember that when he has thoes thoughts. I worried being friends with me was bad for his relationship... but NOW I can't stop thinking about what he said. I haven't spent to much time playing "what if" but I just feel like a doors been open and only trouble can come from it. :/ WHY did he have to say something! ?
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Please note, in the same text he also mentioned how he has a good thing with his girlfriend and I have a good thing with my boyfriend... like if you know that why the heck would you even bring it up...
Why'd he have to go and get in my head?
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