How to Ask for a second chance after a breakup?

We were together for 4 years. I am 52 he is 38. We had our ups and downs but we had an amazing relationship too. I just really never had another plan, didn't think I needed one honestly. We were good together and had been through a lot and supported each other too. But we recently went through a horrible wrongful eviction that I was doing all the fighting and research for. We were told we would prevail but we did not. The 5 days we and to move was stressful and we had no place to move into. He was storing things at his moms to save storage space we rented. Then I noticed he was setting up his old room not just moving boxes. He said he thought he would stay there and I could too if I wanted. If I wanted? The animals we had would not have lived there well with his moms and he knew that. I never imagined we wouldn't go somewhere together until we found a place. And on our last day to move, he said he thought we should take time apart. I was in total shock. So without notice, I lost by boyfriend, had no home, was paying to stay at a hotel, deal with the last details of moving, and looking for a place to fund first, last security all by myself where I thought we would do this together. I was a mess. He never looked back.. He went to his moms, pays no rent, has his laundry and meals and no responsiblitlies and next day is out bar hopping and life goes on. I didn't know this guy. And a month later I have still no explanation. No there is no one else. I have asked him for a chance to get back together after giving him his space... and he says I've moved on. I am still in love with him. I can't move on. Its like when he looks at me he can't remember all the things we shared. I want to reach him somehow. So I am not looking for the "move on, focus on yourself advice". I dont know how guys do break ups but im at a loss. I took amazing care of this guy, he is the love of my life. Seems if I approach the second chance topic he gets farther away. What do I do next?
How to Ask for a second chance after a breakup?
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