I'm thinking my boyfriend is cheating on me. How do I find out he won't tell me the truth?

He texts other girls

He emails other girls

The girls are saying they miss him

He doesn't hang out with me like we use to

He's been acting really weird lately


Most Helpful Girl

  • signs are all there...trust me..Ive been there!

    He probably hasn't cheated yet but he is opening up his options again..which means he is probably over the relationship.

    What I did wrong was clinging to him...

    Its very important that you play your cards exactly right if you don't want to loose him.

    1. Don't call him..dont sms..dont let him know its affecting you.

    2. only reply to his sms..pick up the phone when he contacts you.

    3. If he phones/ smses-- Don't cry of be emotional (dont show feelings)

    4. Be short and to the point...(not cocky)...always stay relaxed and calm..stay in control

    5. listen more than you speak...try say as little as possible reflecting what you're thinking..the harder you are to figure out the more he reflects on what he is loosing and giving up!

    6. don't snoop around on his emails and smses EVER!

    7. Be humble, be the less...but don't let him walk over you.

    8. If you HAVE TO see him ...be normal..dont be emo..just don't say too much..listen more..be humble.

    9. don't pretend things are okay and sleep with him though...DO NOT HAVE SEX WITH HIM!

    10. Keep youreslf busy...try not to over think the situation...always look too busy to see him.

    11. Remember...YOU ARE AN AMAZING WOMAN...If he doesn't see that..then he DOESNT DESERVE YOU!


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What Guys Said 2

  • Just ask him flat out. If you are emotionally-valid you will know if he is lying, and he will know you know. If you are not, then you have no business being in a relationship.

  • Chances are he's cheating on you, find the evidence or accept that he is a cheater and live with it. You can't make a guy not cheat some people are like that they won't change...


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  • ive been cheated on ...and I'm sorry to say it kind of sounds like that's what he's up to. he will never admitt to you that he's cheating on you... unless you have proof. Seriously save yourself the tears and just leave him now ...


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