Is this a breakup?

So there is this guy I met at a hotel through friends And he was really nice we hanged out for a couple of days and I though I really liked him, and so i though he liked me too , but didn't really know, he started like touching me, not in a weird way amd in two days. BAM were all lovely dovely. He is an amazing guy but he lived on the other side of the world in America while I live in Russia. And we have quite age gap. I left the hotel, and now I'm thinking what now. I know that if we continue like this, I will miss him even more, and that I might never see him is going to be my biggest problem, even though he said he might move to Russia because of school there is not an lot of time I will be able to see him. He is not the type of guy to lie about that, that's how he knows quite a bit of Russian as well. So what do i do, he haven't really asked me out, so do i say should we break up, or what?


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  • This is up to you to decide

  • If you feel like its not gonna work, do break up


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