Guys, Does my ex hate me even though he broke up with me?

We dated for 6 months and it was perfect, normal relationship. He blindsided me with the breakup in April and he was crying the whole time and telling me he didn't want to do it, but he had to because he was graduating in May, had no idea what he was doing with his life and couldn't bring a person with him on that journey. He was saying that our relationship was perfect and then he started crying, and crying more than me. A few days later after the breakup he was telling me he was crying everyday and when he went out to the bars with his friends he was crying.
June came around and I went home for the summer and we hadn't spoken since April nor seen him. I had heard from friends he was seen every weekend with girls all the time. I thought that since I wasn't there and we didn't speak I was okay with it. July comes around I have to go back to college for summer classes, and I guess bc I hadn't been out since we broke up, i drunkenly texted him. I regretted it immediately and I wish I never did it. I was praying he wouldn't text me back bc I sent it at midnight so hopefully he knew I was hammered.

the next day, at frickin 5 pm in the afternoon, he responds and says "hey, sorry, who is this? I got a new phone and lost everything". I got really upset bc it seems like he was trying to think of an answer all day which it makes it worse bc I sent the text like 10 hours ago and I would have just rather him not respond. It seemed like he was just trying to forget I ever existed which hurts more.

by the way, I didn't respond. I just deleted everything. I just want to know why he is acting like I never even happened?
Guys, Does my ex hate me even though he broke up with me?
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