Why is it that after most people break up thet don't talk anymore?

i have recently had a break up and he said that we wee still going to be friend but we never talk. why is that?


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  • If you talk with them, you can't get over them, friends just turns into friends with benefits and you don't get over them or move on or meet other people, the guy just gets more sex out of it, without having to worry about a relationship or can even see other people and still hook up with you.


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  • from feeling different about there dicision of breaking up so it's a good thing to be apart and they want to usually show that they can leave without that certain person that's what I think other then that I don't know

    take care


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  • bc you broke up for a reason, stupid. If guys say we can still be friends that's either a thing that makes the dumping a bit nicer or they mean we can stil f***? xxx don't take it personally

    • Good point I nvr thought about it tht way thx

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