Recently a girl I was dating for about a year split up with me, with little or no answers?

we lived together for about a year. She recently got laid off from work and since then, things went south. We were arguing a lot and suddenly she left one day and did not return. She returned about a week later to move everything out with her parents, she never told me anything the whole time until the day before so I was in shock.. This wouldn't be so hard if I didn't have my 4 year old, this has confused her. I've tried calling to find out answers, to sort out bills, etc but I get the feeling she's pushing everything aside. I'm trying to stay strong for my daughter, but when she asks about my ex it tears me apart. any words of wisdom?

so here's an update...been doing great just trying to go through all the motions of changing bills over etc. Daughters doing great! Even I'm feeling 10 times better! But, she calls last night crying saying how sorry she was (4am), wtf? is that about?


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  • Could be anyting losing a job lead to lose of idenity, money, freedom can lead to depression insecutity, could be anything, maybe she is seeing someon else or she jsut needs a break..


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  • don't worry about her when ur daughter asks about her just tell her she went to live with her mommy and daddy because she missed them or something along those lines I wouldn't owrry so much about her because you have more important things to worry about


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  • Girls are fickle!

    Just try not to think about it. Try to keep yourself busy. and keep your daughter happy. You know...children are affected a lot by such turmoil among elders. So was just a girl..maybe not worthy too.

    Was she not interested in having a family?


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