Why is he pretending to be someone else?

He dumped me ages ago and I moved on with my life, very slowly.
he would message and I'd just ignore him or block him. His new thing is pretending to be someone else. He hurt me very much and has no intentions of getting back with me the only reason he contacts me at least once a month is to ask for sex. What annoys me is I think that there's someone that genuinely interested in me and when I find out it's him I feel like I've been suckered punched, he makes new ids up as well to do this.

whats going on with him? Why is he like that? Isn't the hint not getting through I don't want to see him again?


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  • Take pictures of the convos where he admits who he is, add him then post them all on his real FB and say "can you stop being a creepy stalker?" HAHA. Likely embarrass the shit out of him, if he's really doing it that often, might be able to get a restraining order if you want to deal with all that BS.
    Clearly he's fucked.

    • He doesn't have Facebook, don't think he has any friends.

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    • Dating apps 😒

    • Oh fun haha.

What Girls Said 1

  • Why is he like that? Because he's an asshat. He must have no life and plenty of time on his hands to spend that energy trying to get to you. He's probably also regretting dumping you.

    You aren't taking him back [good for you!!] so just tell him to stop bothering you. If this is on Facebook, report him to Facebook and they can help keep him from making up the fake IDs.


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