Scared and Anxious of interacting with my co-worker who rejected me?

I fell in love with my co-worker... Got rejected :(

Mostly over it... (I still have some feelings)

The problem is I get anxiety now at work when she is around. I am scared of talking to her, bumping into her, seeing her...

To help myself get over it, I kind of went no contact... Maybe I'm scared I will get hurt again if I talk to her?

How can I get rid of this anxiety?


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  • I've never been a fan of dating or trying to date coworkers for that exact reason. Perhaps the best thing you can do now is just be polite and say hello when you're in a social setting (by the coffee machine or whatever). How do you treat other polite, nice people at work that you're not interested in? Treat her like one of those.

    • I learned from my mistake... Never even fall in love with a co-worker...

      Thanks, I will try my best... It's really hard as I get jealous when she talks to other boys :(

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