That moment when you love 2 girls at the same time... Brutal story... Need help?

So I've known this girl since I was 6 years old we started dating when we were 12 and we broke up 5yrs later. I love her so much and I still do, she was my first love , she is the only girl that I am willing to leave everything behind even trade my life for. It sounds crazy but it is what it is. Reason I broke up with her was because of jealously (completely misunderstanding, it was over and wasn't in our mind anymore) it has nothing to do with our compatibility.

7 years later, I've dated several women but have settled with my current girlfriend for 2.5 years now. She loves me so much, treated me well, loyal and very sweet. We have broke up once but quickly got back together. Even though I am happy with my relationship, I wasn't as happy as I was with my first girl. Too many flaws in our relationship e. g. sex, long distance and our occupation.

One day I have decided to call my ex and arranged a meet up. I told her straight up that I still love her, she did not answer me. She already have a boyfriend, BUT WE KISSED that night (I initiated). We kept in touch since that night. Well, guess what? 1 year after that she broke up with her boyfriend (he abused her). We talk every single day since. Now we are both 25 yo, and I think this might be the only chance for me to get back together.

Problem is that I cannot break up with my girlfriend, she didn't do anything wrong at all. Even though I love her, But I love my ex MUCH MORE...

It is so brutal that I only have 2 options

1. Focus on this relationship even though the grass on the other side might be greener. Be unhappy and be left wondering if this is the right choice for the rest of my life.

2. Break up, don't look back and think that this is the opportunity. It might not even work out but I gave it a shot, knowing that I did everything I could.
That moment when you love 2 girls at the same time... Brutal story... Need help?
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