Ex blames me for new cheating boyfriend... need advice?

So my ex (dated 5 yrs) and I have been broken up for about a year now. I will admit, I still do love her but the break up was terrible. She accused me of cheating, which I didn't do, and within a month was with someone else. Like any good ex, I fb stalked and saw signs of infidelity on his part. I never told my ex though, i didn't want her to take up for him if i told her of my suspicions. A few more months went by and this past march, she finds out he has a separate fb page and someone also left a note on her car saying that he's been cheating on her. I think it may have been a side girl that found out what was going on. Well there was a lot of denial and somehow i was thrown into the mix and got blamed, as if somehow i had a hand in this. I told her i had no part in it and didn't worry about it after, but the new boyfriend supposedly got a polygraph to prove he was innocent within a day or two of all that happening, mind you no one was there to witness it, not even my ex. They stayed together after that and fast forward to a few weeks ago, someone decided to say that i admitted to doing all that crap and of course my ex believed them. I think a random stranger could've told her and she would've believed them. So now i'm pretty sure my ex hates me and i'm also being accused once again of something that I didn't do and I am not ok with that. It's really ridiculous. So i guess im on the fence about contacting my ex just to set the record straight that i had nothing to do with whatever went on, although i doubt she'll believe me. Or i just let this go and try to move on with my life. The only bad thing is that i hate being blamed for something i didn't do and ik she'll label me in a bad light to everyone she knows. So any advice on this?
Ex blames me for new cheating boyfriend... need advice?
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