Does she only miss me because they broke up?

Long story short we had to break up under unfortunate circumstances. A few months after that she contacted me wanting to be friends again, I agreed, afterward she got a boyfriend, and started to act distant with me, when they broke up about 4 months later, she started texting me telling me about how much she really missed me. Is it because she got dumped by him?


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  • Hmmm probably... Or she just realize how nice/better you are while she had a guy to do the comparsion with?

    • I always try to treat a girl really special like no other guy can, but then I get broken up😱😭

    • gotta be honest here, i feel like we as human never appreciate people/things we have... But yea i think she got to have a chance to date other guys and so she probably compare you to him and figure she likes you more :) id say if you still like her, why not give her a chance... if still doesn't work out then just whatever

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  • yes i think her breakup is the reason for that... keep your distances if you don't wanna be a rebound

  • if you give her a chance what do you have to lose?

    Don't waste your time being a rebound.

  • yeah I think it's because she got dumped by him so she went to you, trying to get you back. this girl is a player o. o


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