Should I forgive and forget talk to him again?

My ex boyfriend just recently just got hired at a casino and work full time , plus in college we are long distance relationship. Now that he has a job and in college we barely have a chance to talk , it's been 5 days in a row we never talked on the phone I slowly drifted away from him and started falling out of love because we never had time for each other anymore once I told him that , he has been blaming me for everything and been so rude to me I told him I'm leaving I can't take this anymore , he cursed me out and even called me a n*gger and a motherfucker taking his anger out on me which broke my heart completely I blocked him on every social network. I just received his letter through mail today he sent 3 days ago , he is saying sorry he love me and wants to marry me.. I don't know I just can't , I don't know. I just. Should I forgive him and date him again? Or move on and just let things go... I have feelings too :(
Should I forgive and forget talk to him again?
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