Am I wrong for telling my mom that my is disgusting back stabbing cheater?

My dad has been cheating on my mother for as long i can remember and when i was older enough to say something i did. first i had caught him i was about 7 but i didn't understand then when i was 10. But always! ALWAYS saw would weird texts being sent that weren't to my mom , waking up hearing strange conversation with women who weren't mother. and yesterday was it my little sisters first time she caught my dad cheating and i lost it after seeing that this woman was snapchatting the guy that sleeps next to my mom. he was leaving about to go out and fuck this woman but i went out blow up and yelled at him in front of my mom tell her he's a cheater and has been cheating with the same women we had confronted him about 2 years ago but denied it and still is. am i wrong for it? i was just so fed up and done

(sorry i ranted)


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  • Applause 👏👏👏.
    Hell no you weren't wrong in venting off your view point and feelings on this matter. And yes your feeling of him being a two faced traitor are also justified. It takes a low down skunk to betray an entire family for a piece of arse when he has that at home. If he were so unhappy he should have divorced and moved on a long time ago

    • my mother is too kind and keeps her mouth shut unlike me who can't shut up and sees things for what they are

    • Your perception of her being kind could just as easily be her biding her time. A time when you and your sister are on your own and she feels you are safe before she drops a bomb in jiggalo's lap

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  • No, I don't think your wrong. Your father cheated on your mother, and you had to tell her, before she found out, and she would have probably been more hurt, if you hadn't confronted your father.

    • she was hurt when my younger sisters said what they had seen and what i have seen be we all kept it too ourselves but we just couldnt anymore

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  • You absolutely and totally did the right thing girl. There is no way this could have been wrong and anyone who says otherwise is probably a cheater themselves.

  • Your mother should have learned to be better in the sack.

    • he's a monster manipulative

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    • No. That's your mother. She had children with a guy who doesn't give a fuck about her. Just like you will. :) goodbye!

    • who? someone like you ignorant and judges the situation before understanding it ik your type buddy f outta my face

  • It doesn't matter whether it was right or wring because it has already been done and you cannot unring this bell.

  • Meh.


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  • am sorry for what you're going through but yes you did the right thing and how did your mom reacted to that?

    • she fainted

    • lol but she's good now bc she let my dad back in the fucking house i won't speak to him and she's fighting with me bc i won't give him respect. she wants to believe him but she can't i told why you let him back in she said bc i have kids that need to be raised (there is 5 of us and she might be pregnant)

    • oh am sorry about that

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