What should I do ?

I am in a 3 year r/s with my boyfriend. We've been on a rocky r/s all along but we managed to survived and there are times when we initiated a break up but it lasted less than a week... ( we talked it out ) but recently we started having problems and I guessed it time I sought some help.

I always get p*ssed off at him as I love to imagine things...( I tend to think too much into things) and as we grow older we have lesser time for each other and I am not used to it. He loves me a lot but when he gets angry this r/s gets really nasty. He have never cheated on me and he keep his distance with the opposite sex very well. I would say he is really a faithful guy.

I really want to change for him but how can I start off ? How do I prove to him that I really want this r/s a lot ?


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  • If you are clingy or get paranoid and think he's cheating etc this could be a problem long term. Need to talk to him find out what is bothering him where does he see therelationship going etc..


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  • whats caused the breakups / potential break ups? if you want this to work, then you guys both need to make changes, and deal with the problems you guys have. My parents went through this, and they saw a marriage Counciller for a while, it helped deal with their problems, cause its a safe place to let out all of your concerns and angers etc. also, if something IS bothering you, tell him immediately in a calm manner, don't wait until an argument rises and use this as an excuse to let everything that's bothered you out all at once, that can get nasty.


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