Did he ever really care about me?

This guy I was dating told me he was afraid to fall in love. This after his pulling back behavior, he was hurt by an ex. Pretty much he would go hot and cold. I don't know if he was genuine w/his sweet words. He told me he wasn't ready to say I love you, but he was close (weird or no?) and said he didn't want to hurt me. When I told him several times he was hurting me he just said I should leave. When he told me he was confused he was crying. I care about him a lot, but I'm not gonna wait for him. He said he just wanted to be alone and wasn't all to thrilled about me dating other guys because he said he wouldn't be. I am a "close friend w/potential", yet I haven't heard from him in a couple days. I have deleted every trace of him.


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  • sorry to hear that..
    you did the right thing.. he's not going to commit in a new relationship anytime soon... he needs lot of time


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