Why is this guy I was talking to throwing his new girlfriend in my face?

We met in miami in 2014 he went back to Russia and we been talking since... He was crazy about me... And very jealous... But he is old fashioned and his family wanted him with a Russian girl (im Latina!) he been dating her around 6 months now but still gets mad if i talk to other guys or even just mention something with another guy.. He still talks to me.. We talk every few months... the distance makes it hard but he told me he is being offered a job in California... But he won't know when he will come till he meets up with the guy in September.. But we was talking and i sent him nudes for the first time... And he was liking.. But i said u have a girlfriend now and I shouldn't do this.. Then he started rubbing her in my face and saying he needs to be in Russia with her etc... Few days ago I told him I am done with him and even if he comes to the states i don't want him... So yesterday he was all over instagram acting like he's so lovey Dover with her and liking all her pics.. He only does this when we argue or if I interact with other guys... He starts liking her tagged pics n random pics n commenting on her pics with hearts etc.. ( he never does this) i don't understand he's been with her for so long yet everytime something goes wrong or i just leave him or talk to other guys he does this...
Why is this guy I was talking to throwing his new girlfriend in my face?
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