Can someone please help me through my thoughts?

I'm depressed. I hate that my ex is already in a new relationship & with someone less attractive. It makes me feel inadequate & like something is wrong with my personality for him to chose her over me. There must be because I'm judging his new girlfriend so callously. I hate that I'm judging her. I hate that she's not a rebound. I hate that they'll likely last a few years if not forever. I hate that he saw something in her that is worth moving onto after 6 months of dating me, 3 months of being single, & 3 weeks after we stopped talking for good. I don't know why I'm still attached & hurting. He didn't treat me well & he's treating her well. I haven't improved much since our breakup. I haven't gained my weight back & I'm still not eating or sleeping right. He meant more to me than me to him & I don't get it. I'm not a good woman anymore I'm damaged completely. I feel really sick. I'm very sad. I don't love myself & I'm afraid I'm going to be forever alone. I don't think I'll have a happy life. It has sucked so far. I feel ugly, & too skinny.


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  • Your key statement is, " He didn't treat me well". Then why should you give even half a fque who he's with now?

    I see your life as improved without this guy. How are you damaged? How could you not be a good woman?

    • I guess I care because he chose her over me. He was my first boyfriend and I still wanted him. I felt like I pushed him into her arms by being too controlling, sensitive, and demanding. I'm damaged because I can't find happiness within myself. I'm not a good woman because I'm overly sensitive and controlling.

  • You probably won't have a happy life but you'll keep on truckin'! Chin up! Or down! Down works too. Just don't kill yourself or whatever. They'll blame me.


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