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Alright, so my girlfriend and I had been dating for a year and a half, she's 18, I'm 19. All the sudden one day she brings up that she doesn't think she can move on in our relationship because of curiosities she's having over being with other people, nobody specifically. She says she needs to go out and explore for herself to see for herself that I'm the man for her... I love this girl SO much, and I kinda see where she's coming from because shed never slept or been with anyone else in a really serious relationship, she's dated before but not adult type stuff I guess. my question is simply, wtf do I do. Is it right for me to have to sit and wait for her to come back, when I don't want anybody but her, I don't want to go out and experiment, so do I just chill out and wait for her to come back some day after she's done like kissing guys and sh*t to see if I'm "the one". she says she loves me to, and I believe it, but should I really be being treated this way, I treat her like a queen, and it just doesn't seem right that two people, in love, should have to do this... should I dump her and just move on in my life?


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  • You don't want to dump her I can tell. You are hoping that she'll go out into the dating world and after a few weeks wake up and say "boy I miss my boyfriend I want to get back with him". Unfortunately, I don't think that is the case. I don't want to sound condesending but you are 19 and she is 18 and I am 34 and I remember my first love you never forget. But I have a hard time believing in ever lasting love. I have only met one person that married her boyfriend from Highschool and they are still together. Yes, it happens but the chances of you and this girl being together forever, I just don't see it. I give her credit for telling you, and I bet it hurts like hell, and I'm sorry for your pain, but I think you should start thinking of ways to end the relationship because its out there now, she has told you her feelings and obviously it was important enough to take the chance of hurting you now than going behind your back and being deceitful. I do think she loves you but its something she feels she needs to do. And really, I don't think there is a person alive that truly loves someone enough to let their partner go out and sleep with another person, experiment and not crawl up the wall. I couldn't do it. If I said to my boyfriend "go get it out of your system, sleep with another girl" I would go NUTS! So you can't wait around for her, she has to make the decision, fight or flight! And if its flight, you GOT to move on for your sanity. Good luck! Remember "a heart can be broken but it still keeps on beating".


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  • it's doesn't seem right, but if you love her, and you let her go and she comes back, than it was meant to be. if she doesn't, it's going to hurt for you, but you'll move on to someone else so much better than wouldn't ask you that. you should tell her how you feel and if she still wants to do it, than don't stop her. if she doesn't do it because she realizes she is hurting you than she first of all truly cares about you and second of all loves you.

  • Ok...first of all have you heard of the term "life, identity crisis?" If you have there is a theory that the avaerage person goes through I think its like 10-15 in their entire life...and most of them happen in your twentys and teens. I think that is what happened to your girl friend. I think she wants to get to know herself..to become, find who she wants to be... I would just let it ride out, I don't mean to be to critical but do want to marry her now? Start a family? ...if no...well see how it goes, date other people, if its ment to be it will be. Your young and she is young...maybe she needs to date a couple guys before she realizes what she has. Go do something, go somewhere...again you are young, in a year she may be back.


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